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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Review: Surrender the Bet (Full Tilt Billionaire #4) Jessa Jacobs

Surrender the Bet
Full Tilt Billionaire
book 4
Jessa Jacobs

Erotic Romance
Serial format

Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don't.

I didn't know Marc anymore. 

Where was the charming man who won my heart? The on again off again nature of our personal relationship wore me out, but his slightest touch brought me back into his arms, helpless to withstand his power over my desires.

Now he has banished me.

Must I really give him up forever?


I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Surrender the Bet, part 4 of the Full Tilt Billionaire Serial, continues the story of Marc and Tara.
In this book Tara and Marc are dealing with the consequences of her actions. Tara's life is in danger after she warns another player that the mob is after him. The mob that just happens to be Marc's family.
Tara takes a vacation to reflect on her life and her future, but finds she's missing home. Even more than home, she's missing Marc.

Will they beat the odds and go all in, or will their relationship be a bust?

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Review: Hard Hand (Full Tilt Billionaire #3) Jessa Jacobs

Hard Hand
Full Tilt Billionaire
book 3
Jessa Jacobs

Erotic Romance
Serial Series

I had made a deal with the Devil.

This particular devil was Billionaire Marc Andretti, former pro poker champion, my dream lover, and as I discovered the hard way, someone who took orders from the Mob.

I'd had enough of his secrets and lies.

So why couldn't I get enough of HIM?


Hard Hand is Part Three of the Full Tilt Billionaire serial. It is not a standalone. Expect a cliffhanger!


Hard Hand is the third part in a five part serial.

In this book we dig into the lives of Tara and Marc. Now that she's moved in and they've given into temptation we start to see something blossom, even if they try to ignore it. They act like a regular couple, but still treat it as a business deal.

When they travel to the first World Series of Poker entry tournament, all the things Marc has been keeping from Tara come out in a terrifying way! He's forced to open up to her, or lose her forever!

The action picks up in this book, on and off the poker table!

So far, this has been my favorite book in the series - and more than ever I can't wait for the next book! 


Review: Upping His Ante (Full Tilt Billionaire #2) Jessa Jacobs

Upping His Ante
Full Tilt Billionaire
book 2
Jessa Jacobs

Erotic Romance
Serial Series

It was a deal I couldn’t resist.

Billionaire Marc Andretti, former pro poker champion, picked me to mentor for the pro Texas Hold’em tour, and I was supposed to make enough money to pay off my student loans.

So why am I worried? Well, for one thing, I’m finding it hard to keep my hands off him.

Something’s got to give, and I hope it won’t be my self-control…

Upping His Ante is Part Two of Full Tilt Billionare, a Billionaire Erotic Romance novella presented in serial format. It is not a standalone.

Expect a cliffhanger!


Upping His Ante is the second part in a 5 part serial series.

In this book we go further into the minds of Tara and Marc as he continues to train her in the art of poker playing. You can almost feel the sexual tension between them, both wanting more but worrying it will ruin their business deal.

Finally, after winning some smaller tournaments, Tara's earned enough to pay off her student loans, and she decides she just can't take it anymore. She can't be around the gorgeous man she craves and continue to ignore the lust - so she runs. She packed up her stuff and heads out in the middle of the night. Marc is much smarter than she gives him credit for though, and he's waiting for her.

This book is well written with smooth transitions and filled with sexual tension, lots of poker playing, and some comical scenes to keep it interesting.

I'm looking forward to continuing the series.


Review: Sinful Deal (Full Tilt Billionaire #1) Jessa Jacobs

Sinful Deal
Full Tilt Billionaire
book 1
Jessa Jacobs

Erotic Romance
Serial Series


"I was minding my own business, using my skill to win enough money at the blackjack tables to pay off my student debt, when I noticed someone else was minding my business, too.

He was hot, he looked ultra-rich, and he had no reason to notice me. So why was he stalking me from table to table? I thought I might be in trouble for winning too much.

I had no idea how much trouble it would turn out to be."

Sinful Deal is Part One of Full Tilt Billionare, a Billionaire Erotic Romance novella presented in serial format. It is not a standalone.

Expect a cliffhanger!


Sinful Deal is part one in a 5 part serial series.

We are introduced to Tara as she travels from table to table in the casino actually beating the odds
and winning some serious cash. Marcus, a security specialist takes notice and begins watching her, studying her every move in hopes of figuring her out. When he can't, he offers her a deal that will change her life.

I was left intrigued and wanting more! I couldn't believe the book was over when I got to the last page, I even checked twice to make sure I didn't skip anything!

This book was a great start to the story, and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.