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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Review: The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines #6) by Richelle Mead

The Ruby Circle
book 6
Richelle Mead

YA, Paranormal Romance


Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of humans and vampires. They protect vampire secrets - and human lives.

Their forbidden romance exposed, Sydney and Adrian find themselves facing the wrath of both the Alchemists and the Moroi in this electrifying conclusion to Richelle Mead’s bestselling Bloodlines series.

When the life of someone they both love is put on the line, Sydney risks everything to hunt down a deadly former nemesis. Meanwhile, she and Adrian becomes enmeshed in a puzzle that could hold the key to a shocking secret about spirit magic, a secret that could shake the entire Moroi world and alter their lives forever.

Don't miss their unforgettable final chapter...



I loved Vampire Academy, and I wasn't sure about the spinoff, but it turned out to be another of my favorite series! I'm sad that the series is over, but Richelle Mead has a knack for ending a series at the right time and not dragging it out!

This book was packed full of action and adventure and a surprisingly fair amount of domestic drama.
With both Adrian and Sydney having adventures of their own, and then coming together for the most important one of all - it made for a suspenseful plot that kept the pages turning. There were a few slow spots, but overall it was good.

I didn't really care for the ending however. Had the book stopped before the epilog, okay... but to me the picture painted by the epilog doesn't fit Adrian and Sydney at all! It's like they are polar opposites from what we've come to love and it was just really disappointing. 

4 stars

Review: The Club by Lauren Rowe

The Club
book 1
Lauren Rowe

Adult, Erotic Romance

When playboy businessman Jonas Faraday receives a private note from the anonymous intake agent assigned to process his online application to an exclusive club, he becomes obsessed with finding her and giving her the satisfaction she claims has always eluded her, in order to fulfill his own desperate need for redemption.
Sarah: “When I read Jonas Faraday’s brutally honest personal message on his application to The Club—I practically climaxed at my desk. I’m an idiot to risk losing my job but I couldn’t resist contacting him. I knew my confession would be like dangling an irresistible carrot in front of his nose—but never in a million years did I think he’d actually hunt me down.”

Jonas: “I was shocked to get my intake agent’s email—I’d attached that note to my application on a whim, never expecting a reply from an actual person, let alone a reply as mind blowing as that. Her message was so alluring, so irresistible, I’ve been spiraling into a full-blown obsession ever since I got it. What’s her name? What does she look like? Finding her is my top priority.”

In The Club, what starts out as an innocent exploration of attraction quickly spirals into a steamy story of unbridled passion, obsession, heartbreak, and, ultimately, redemption.

Readers 18+ only due to graphic sexual content and explicit language.


This storyline has a lot of potential, but there is an overabundance of detail that kills it for me. You could cut out a good third of this book and it would have been much better!

I nearly stopped reading when the first fourth of the book was just about the writing and reading of The Club's application... and then again when halfway through they still hadn't met! I mean come on, that's overkill. If you were to take the first half and eliminate meaningless details, and everything that is repeated over and over this would be a 4 star read.

The second half picks up, and finally in the very end there is some suspense built up.. but not nearly enough to make me read the next book. Maybe some day when I don't have anything else on my list I'll give it another shot...

Warning: This is book one in a trilogy, and it ends in a cliff hanger. 


Monday, July 13, 2015

Review: Bad Blood (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #3) Nikki Jefford

Bad Blood
Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter
book 3
Nikki Jefford

New Adult

Aurora returns from boot camp to a new assignment, an unwelcome roommate, and the increasingly amorous attentions of a certain vampire hunter.

College is starting, and so is Aurora’s undercover work at a network of swanky parties known as “Tastings” for high rolling vampires who like their blood laced with fine wine. But Aurora’s not the only one on the prowl. An underground investigation is under way to find out who killed one of Anchorage’s most prominent vampires… and Aurora is a prime suspect.


I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next!
Lots of action and plenty of drama. I can see the plot growing and can't wait to find out how it all ties in!

Bad Blood picks up 6 months after book 2, Northern Bites, when Aurora was sent to boot camp. She's completed her training, and been away long enough for the suspension to die down about her involvement with the murder of Marcus. Or so they thought.

Aurora comes home to find that everything has changed. Her mom is a acting like a different person, Daunte has devoted himself to her, and she has an awesome new place to live near campus. Things are looking up for Aurora Sky... until she meets her roomate.

Noel Harper. Former goth best friend that she caught with her ex before being shipped off to boot camp. Noel is no longer the sweet goth girl she once knew, now shes all bright colors and smiles.

Add in to the equation that Aurora is now friends with her former arch nemesis, her ex keeps showing up unexpectedly, Melcher has assigned her to a case she doesn't want any part of, and crazy vampires are popping up in every direction with a different agenda! 

You can find my reviews of books 1 & 2 below: 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Review: Grey (Fifty Shades of Grey #4) EL James

Fifty Shades of Grey
book 4
EL James

Adult, bdsm, romance

See the world of Fifty Shades of Grey anew through the eyes of Christian Grey.

In Christian's own words, and through his thoughts, reflections, and dreams, E L James offers a fresh perspective on the love story that has enthralled millions of readers around the world.

Christian Grey exercises control in all things; his world is neat, disciplined, and utterly empty—until the day that Anastasia Steele falls into his office, in a tangle of shapely limbs and tumbling brown hair. He tries to forget her, but instead is swept up in a storm of emotion he cannot comprehend and cannot resist. Unlike any woman he has known before, shy, unworldly Ana seems to see right through him—past the business prodigy and the penthouse lifestyle to Christian’s cold, wounded heart.

Will being with Ana dispel the horrors of his childhood that haunt Christian every night? Or will his dark sexual desires, his compulsion to control, and the self-loathing that fills his soul drive this girl away and destroy the fragile hope she offers him?

This book is intended for mature audiences.


This was an interesting read.

I was excited to get the story from Christian's point of view. I was hoping we'd get more into his past and why he's so... well, crazy. Turns out a good portion of the book is from 5 year old Christian's point of view, or at least a good portion of it was him dreaming of his childhood.
Yes, we get it, his mother was a crack whore and that really screwed him up. What we are interested in is his relationship with Elena, and how she supposedly saved him. I'm assuming that will come in the next book - because I imagine this will be milked for all the money it can be, just like Twilight was.

Luckily, I downloaded the audio book, I really think that made this book more palatable. From what I've seen of the print version I probably wouldn't have finished it. At least with the audio you hear the emotion in his voice, and it comes off less creepy.

Did I enjoy the book?
Yes, it gave a few more details to the story, and you really see how crazy he is. At some points I'd say he's on the verge of being bipolar or multiple personalities.. and other times it's like, are you serious? You can't be that dumb, your a smart guy!

Will I read the next book if there is one?
Yes, because I'm hoping to get into his history with Elena. 

Spotlight: Fatal Divide by Jamie Jeffries

FD Blog Tour Banner.jpg
Fatal Divide
Desert Heat Series; Book 2
299 Pages
Published: April 9, 2015
Published by: Mad For Romance Publishing


Alex Ward solved a murder last summer by getting kidnapped. Dylan Chaves, a former high school sweetheart, helped save her then, and they found their mutual attraction stronger than ever. But, no one quite understood what forces were working to turn their sleepy little Arizona desert town into a hotbed of intrigue. In fact, they thought it was over.

Now, the murder of a distant relative puts Dylan in the midst of a cartel war, and Dylan learns something about himself that threatens to put their budding romance at risk. Alex can feel alliances shifting as old secrets come to light. Can she compete with Dylan’s complex and growing responsibilities, or must she let him go to follow her own life’s dream?

Fatal Divide is Book 2 of the Desert Heat series.

July 11-13: 99 cents
July 14-17: $1.99

Buy Link:
Amazon US ~ CA ~ AU ~ DE ~ IN ~ UK
**Title is also available on Kindle Unlimited


Thurston grunted. “All right. So, you saw the buzzards. Then what?”
“They appeared to be interested in something close to Arch Canyon, so we stopped here and took the trail. Rick was in the lead.”
Thurston turned to Rick. “So, you were the first to see the body?”
Dylan suppressed a small smile. Rick was definitely not going to give Thurston any more than he asked for. It was a gesture of solidarity, but in the end wouldn’t mean a lot. As soon as Thurston knew that Dylan was acquainted with the old man, and why, he was going to shut Dylan out of the investigation. Once again, Dylan could be forced to interfere in order to clear his own name. This was getting old.
Just then, screeching tires drew the attention of all three men as Alex’s beater careened into the parking lot. In unison, both Thurston and Dylan sighed, “Oh, shit.” Looking at each other in surprise, it was Thurston who dropped his eyes first. “I’ll take care of her.”
“Good luck,” Dylan muttered under his breath as the deputy strode toward Alex. He couldn’t hear what Thurston said first, but Alex’s higher voice carried just fine.
“This is public land, and I don’t see a corpse, Kevin. You can’t stop me from reporting, and I’m going to do it from here, so stand aside.” Alex turned her back on Thurston as she opened the rear doors of the Sentra and pulled out a tripod. Next came a fancy-looking camera with a telephoto lens attached. She proceeded to set it up a few feet closer to the picnic table.
“You’re interfering with an ongoing investigation, Alex. I’m warning you,” Thurston said, now audible because he had turned around to address Alex when she swept past him.
“I am not. I’m standing in a public place taking pictures of an area that is clearly not part of the crime scene. If you don’t want me to print your picture, I won’t, but these gentlemen have a right to decide for themselves.” She gave him a smug smile and waited for him to tell her not to take his picture. Of course, Thurston would never turn down the opportunity to make an appearance in the paper that Alex’s dad owned and she reported for. He gave up remonstrating with Alex and approached Dylan and Rick again.
“What did you observe that prompted you to call local authorities, rather than have the park handle it?” he asked, speaking a little stiffly and formally, now that he had a reporter watching him.
Rick took point on this question, to Dylan’s relief. “A big-ass hole in his chest, and what looked like half the blood in his body underneath him,” he said.

….Other books in the Series….

US ~ AU ~ CA ~ DE ~ IN ~ UK

Fatal Intent (Desert Heat, #3)
US ~ AU ~ CA ~ DE ~ IN ~ UK

About the Author:
Jamie Jeffries is the pen name of a successful author with published novels under other pen names in addition to her titles under this name. She likes to bring a bit of the unusual, the unlikely and the humorous to her plots. Jamie brings you heroines who overcome hard challenges, sweet, sexy heroes with a hint of alpha male, and side characters you'll love to hate or laugh with.

When she isn't writing (which is almost never) Jamie enjoys reading, hiking in the foothills near Denver, live blues music, karaoke and now and then indulging in her karaoke habit.

Jamie would love to let you know when she releases a new book, runs a promotion on an existing title, or has a giveaway running. Please go to www.jamiejeffriesbooks.com and join her fan community! You'll receive a complimentary ebook copy of Jamie's first novel, Impermanent, in appreciation.

Caution: whether reading or writing, Jamie bites when interrupted in the middle of a good chase scene, whether it's bad guys chasing the hero in cars, or the hero chasing the heroine around the bedroom.

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