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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review: Lover Mine (BDB # 8) by J.R. Ward

In the darkest corners of the night in Caldwell, New York, a conflict like no other rages. Long divided as a terrifying battleground for the vampires and their enemies, the city is home to a band of brothers born to defend their race: the warrior vampires of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

John Matthew has come a long way since he was found living among humans, his vampire nature unknown to himself and to those around him. After he was taken in by the Brotherhood, no one could guess what his true history was- or his true identity. Indeed, the fallen Brother Darius has returned, but with a different face and a very different destiny. As a vicious personal vendetta takes John into the heart of the war, he will need to call up on both who he is now and who he once was in order to face off against evil incarnate.

Xhex, a symphath assassin, has long steeled herself against the attraction between her and John Matthew. Having already lost one lover to madness, she will not allow the male of worth to fall prey to the darkness of her twisted life. When fate intervenes, however, the two discover that love, like destiny, is inevitable between soul mates.


 I read the first 7 books nearly back to back a couple years ago, but it was getting old. Seemed like each book was basically the same, brothers fight the enemy, some massive drama happens, one brother finds his mate... So I put it down thinking I'd read a few other books and come back to it.
I never had the urge to pick them back up.

Audible was having a sale a few weeks ago and I was scrolling through the list and saw them, and I figured why not, it's cheap. So I downloaded books 8 and 9. I listened to everything in my audible library until this was my only option, so I started it.

Once again, it was the same basic fundamental storyline - though one of the side stories made absolutely NO sense until the very end - and then it seemed nearly pointless that so much time was spent on it. Overall the book was good, lots of action and suspense. This series just doesn't do it for me anymore. Maybe it should have stopped at book 6 or 7.. or perhaps it's just the characters in the last couple of books that I'm not feeling, I'm not sure.

I will be listening to book 9 as it's in my library, and hopefully it picks back up. :)

~ Kim 


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