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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Review: Eve of Darkness (Marked #1) by Sylvia Day

Cursed by God, hunted by demons, desired by Cain and Abel... All in a day's work.
For Evangeline Hollis, a long ago fling with a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks just became a disaster of biblical proportions. One night with a leather-clad man of mystery has led to a divine punishment: the Mark of Cain.

Thrust into a world where sinners are drafted into service to kill demons, Eve’s learning curve is short. A longtime agnostic, she begrudgingly maneuvers through a celestial bureaucracy where she is a valuable but ill-treated pawn. She’s also become the latest point of contention in the oldest case of sibling rivalry in history...

But she’ll worry about all that later. Right now she’s more concerned with learning to kill while staying alive. And saving the soul she’d never believed she had.


     When I started this book I wasn't aware that it had some of the same characters as the Renegade Angels series. Since I had just finished the first book in that series prior to starting this one I was surprised, but pleased.
     I greatly preferred this book to A Touch of Crimson! I mean, it's still not Crossfire equivalent, but it was much better than the start of Renegade Angels. There was plenty of action and romance. At first it threw me off, it's like the book started with the ending and then went back to explain how we got to that point, but you don't realize that until literally the very end. Or at least I didn't... maybe I just wasn't paying attention enough. Who knows.
     I do like that there is sort of a love triangle happening, and can see where the drama would get better as the series progresses. I'm not into religion though - much like the main character - so I didn't lose interest at some parts and zone out.

    I acquired this during a sale on audible.com, not a bad read, I may just get the next one in the series and see how it plays out. 


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