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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Interview & Giveaway with Rue Volley

1. What inspired you to write your first book?
The death of my Father and my 40th birthday fast approaching.

2. If you could meet any one person - who would it be?
Johnny Depp...oh my, pure hellfire.

3. Where do you find inspiration for your characters?
All of my characters are based on real people who have been or are in my life. Not necessarily their looks, but definitely their personalities. I mix a lot of truth into my paranormal, anything from situations I have been in, to conversations I have had or past events in my life. Anyone close to me often mentions it to me when reading my books as they will see things mentioned that they themselves witnessed or took part in. Most of which is of a humorous nature as I find life is much better with sarcasm and a twist to it so that is how I write every single book.

4. Do the characters ever take over and change the course you had originally planned?
My characters are in charge from the moment they escape my head and hit the paper. I am just a messenger.

5. Where does the creative magic happen?
I write mostly on my couch, in the corner with music playing. I put my IPOD on shuffle and just let it play in the background as I write. Sometimes I drink wine, sometimes vodka and sometimes just mango green tea, which is delish btw. I very rarely have the TV on while writing, not that it would influence me but it is annoying. Lol

6. Your in the process of moving - has that inspired any new ideas - or has it just stressed you out?
Well it actually seemed like a vacation believe it or not. I work at home but for 14 hours a day at writing, doing promotion, editing photos, making book covers and what not. My husband surprised me with this move as he put in for a transfer with his company (he works in the gaming industry) and when it came through he told me. I have wanted to move closer to my family for years and he made it happen so I am forever grateful. My Mom passed away in March from breast cancer and my sisters, brother and step Dad live here so I am in heaven now. AND my Mom's grave is 10 minutes away and a daughter needs to be able to go and talk to her Mom whenever needed.

7. Do you need silence to write, or is there music playing in the background?
LOTS of music. Being a musician myself (I have played violin and guitar for 20 years) I have a deep love for all kinds of music and listen to it more than I watch TV.

8. Do you still enjoy writing, or has it become a ‘job’?
I actually love it. I call it being "haunted". The characters have to tell their stories and being a medium I sometimes wonder if some of the stories I write are simply people who have passed on and need to say something. At least some of them, I am always the main character in my stories and pieces of me filter throughout the rest of the people/mixed with people I know but then there are characters that come out of nowhere and I scratch my head and wonder.

9. What is your reaction to bad book reviews?
Well. Here is my thing about that. I think authors who rip other authors are just damn rude, and you better have one hell of a book with absolutely NO glitches in it. Then, I think people who get books for free and don't like them look silly for posting a review. They did not even support the artist to begin with. Now everyone is welcome to an opinion but doing nasty reviews hurts the author when a simple email or pm would do and not an announcement to the world. I do not do nasty reviews, do I love everything I read? no, but do I feel like I am "saving" the world by posting something nasty...absolutely not. In fact I think it makes some people look foolish and spiteful as if they are jealous. I will also say this, if you receive a bad review, don't respond unless it is a personal attack on you. Why should you give that person anything else to talk about? They obviously do not give two shits if you have success or not, so give them nothing and ignore it. I just think that sometimes people overstep their boundaries and it is unfortunate.

10. How did you come up with your character names?
Most of my characters names came from life. In my vampire series, obviously "Rue" is me, 'Sarah' was a girl who I used to be friends with, Joshua and Sam are actually named after my brother and sister I did not know that I had until my biological father died. "William" was my Dad, he lived on "Hideaway DR" like they do in the book. I always felt like my Mother was such a graceful spirit so I named Rue's Mom in the book "Grace". Now in a witches tale, the names are just my favorite names. But I do always add side, small characters with names of my friends in them. Like the nurses in Blood & Light at the asylum, I even used my real name in one of the books. Yes "Rue" is my pen name,but everyone calls me that anyway, so it matters not. In my erotics, many times I dream of the names and characters before they happen.

11. Your ideas are vastly different than other vampire books out right now - How did you come up with them?
I practice in energy. The transference, the grounding of, the expulsion. I have practiced for a few years now and that is what I talk about in the vampire series. They feed on energy, which is all around us and each vampire has a color that swirls on their skin and on the blades they battle with when they are excited/in danger or sexually excited. They can also cast spells, seeing that I am wiccan I wanted to add that aspect although I do not get into detail on the spell casting. They speak in Latin when they do it anyway. Then they are also able to portal through mirrors from one place to the next and you have time jumps also with "memory" which is a "purgatory" of sorts for immortals. The portaling has always intrigued me and I am a huge sci fi fan, the memory thing is my own battle, one I have faced many times and really tells it's own story as you can find yourself trapped in regret, which is what memory is to me. In this you can fade and forget who you are and what life you are living, missing out on any joy and those around you and then you have the BIG lesson of my series, which is acceptance of things as they are. The series is 2800 pages long, 6 novels and epic. I would hope people continue to take the journey with me as I have all 6 books done now.

12. What is your favorite book / series?
Oh man! Well, honestly I really enjoy Cassandra Clare and her Mortal Instruments series, her simplistic style is what I enjoy most and is how I write too. The story is fun and full of paranormal which is my favorite. Anything by Anne Rice of course and most of my author friends who are just beyond talented. I am truly blessed with being amongst such creative people.

13. Best & Worst thing about being an author?
Best thing... the fans, worst...editing.

14. Which of your book series do you connect with the most?
Blood is Light was my therapy. a witches tale was my heart and my erotics show off my sailors mouth, so to be honest, all of them.

15. Does it get easier after the first one?
Yes. I cannot tell you how fast I write now, it would seem unreal to most but it is true. I can sit down and write 30 pages in a day, within a 6 hour span which used to take me much longer. I think the trick to it is to STOP over thinking everything. Just write, be yourself and be honest. Edits come later but as I grow as an author, edits are becoming less and less. I don't spend time doubting the validity of where I am going, I have to believe there is a reason we took that alley, got in that car or hopped that train. Sometimes I am just a reader in my stories and thrilled to see what happens and when you have those moments it is heaven and you know in your heart you are doing exactly what you should be doing in life.

16. How do you get past writers block?
I am going to shock you, I have never had it...knock on wood. I have had days where I did not feel like writing and I never write when I feel that way, so perhaps that is writers block but I NEVER force myself to do anything in life. I either want to or don't. So advice being...don't sit down and stare at a computer screen if you felt like watching a movie. The deadline is in your head anyway. Unless it is due the next day and then you just screwed the pooch. Lol

17. Does the time of day make a difference when you’re writing?
I write early mostly, I start before the sun comes up and try to find a good stopping point for lunch. Very seldom do I write in the evening or at night. I do not feel as sharp then. I just want to relax in the evening and watch a movie. Let my brain zone out.

18. Your also a model and photographer - what do you do in your spare time?
I make jewelry. I love to hike...boat, spend the day window shopping. I also love sitting in a huge library and smelling the books.

19. Do you ever consider your readers feedback & opinions when writing the next book?
Not to be rude, but not really. I mean I know what they want for the most part. I know which characters they love most because they are the same ones I love. But like I said before, I seriously am the messenger for the most part and have no idea where it is going until we get there. lol
20. Tell me something I don’t know?
I can see spirits, have everyday since I was 5.

21. Rain or shine?

22. Are vampires real?
Come see me and find out.

23. Favorite drink?
White Russian

24. Inside or outside?

25. You seem to have a magical world inside your head, can I come for a visit?
anytime, I would love to have you :)

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