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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Hunter's Blood book One & Two

Welcome to the world of deviant vampires who can never get enough.
Vanessa is a tortured soul, or perhaps a tortured immortal. A girl who was turned at the age of 18 and is battling her growing hunger for blood and sexual gratification.
Vanessa dreams of 'Hunter', the boy who gave her this gift, or perhaps it is a curse.
We shall soon find out how hard it is to fight the needs of a vampire who is trying to pretend that humanity still lives in a heart that is no longer beating. This series is graphic in nature, 18+ adult read only with language, sexual situations and violence.


The story starts out really good, I love the historical fiction part! Then when we flash back to present day it's a little hard to follow at times. It's as if the character telling the story is ADD and can't stay on track. Lol The adult content is on point and spread throughout the story and there are a few twists that keep you interested. 
I really like the idea of this storyline, it just needs more detail for me. I have downloaded the second to see what happens... 

In book two we follow Vanessa and Hunter as they try to forge a new life together after Vanessa has been fully infected with Hunter's Blood.
Being a vampire is still something Vanessa is not wanting to fully accept and the battle between her fleeting humanity and strong desires to feed and explore her sexual needs gets worse by the hour.
In this addiction we see her desperately trying to hold on and then the worst thing happens...love, or better yet, the need for it. This series is extremely graphic in nature and intended for 18+ readers.


The ideas for this storyline are really great, but personally I prefer a little more detail. It's somewhat hard to follow in places, and way too short for me, though I am enjoying the characters - I just wish we knew more about them. Perhaps we learn that in the following books... Guess I'll have to read on and find out. 
Again, the adult content is spread throughout the book - a little more graphic this time - and as always there are a few twists that will strike your interest as well as some new characters that are intriguing.
I love Rue's crazy imagination and will continue to read her work! 

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