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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Author Shout Out: Tara Hall

Author Shout Out

Tara Hall

nonfiction, horror, suspense, action-adventure, erotica, and contemporary and historical paranormal romance

   Tara Fox Hall is an OSHA-certified safety and health inspector at a metal fabrication shop in upstate New York. She received her bachelor's degree in mathematics with a double minor in chemistry and biology from Binghamton University.
   She is the author of the paranormal action-adventure Lash series and the vampire romantic suspense Promise Me series, as well as other novellas. She also coauthored the essay "The Allure of the Serial Killer," published in Serial Killers - Philosophy for Everyone: Being and Killing (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010). 
   Tara divides her free time unequally between writing novels and short stories, chainsawing firewood, caring for stray animals, sewing cat and dog beds for donation to animal shelters, and target practice.

You can find her here:

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Tara recently donated some pet beds to our local SPCA, which is actually how I found out about her. I've since added several of her books to my 'To be read list', and as a book and animal lover myself thought I'd give her a shout out! 

A few of her books


A Little about my local SPCA:

(Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
The SPCA of Brazoria County is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to leading Brazoria County to a time when there are no more homeless pets in our community.

Founded in 1974, the SPCA-BC has operated the Southern Brazoria County Animal Shelter since 2003. The Shelter is an open admission facility serving the Cities of Freeport, Clute, and Lake Jackson, Texas.

In order to reach our vision of “No More Homeless Pets,” the SPCA-BC is focused on four primary objectives:

Education. All animals have value and should be treated with compassion and respect. We believe in promoting responsible pet ownership, teaching children compassion toward animals, fostering a community of support for animal welfare, and bringing animal welfare issues to the forefront of community awareness.

Spay/Neuter. The only way to break the cycle of pet overpopulation in our community is to prevent unwanted pets from ever being born. Spayed and neutered pets are healthier, happier, and make better companions. We are committed to providing low-cost, high-volume spay and neuter procedures to our community.

Adoption. Adoptions are vital to our life-saving mission. Every pet deserves a loving home. We work hard each day to find homes for the homeless pets in our care.

A World-Class Shelter. Every pet deserves a home, but the reality is that there are thousands of homeless pets right here in our own community. We provide shelter, medical care, and a place of refuge for homeless pets as they wait to find their forever homes.

PLEASE check out your local animal shelters and consider donating. When you see 'donation' most people automatically think $$ - but that is not the case with shelters; while money does help, donating food, bedding, cat litter, collars, leashes, newspapers, toys, litter boxes, food bowls, pet carriers, scratching posts, treats, animal shampoo, hand sanitizer, and most of all your time! Volunteering your time and/or services can sometimes be the biggest help! 
Call your local shelter and ask them what they need most. 


  1. Awesome Post! Thanks so much for the Shout Out! :)

    1. :) Thank you for being such an awesome person! I love animals and do what I can to help the shelters. The fact that you donated pet beds to a shelter that's not even in your area is awesome.