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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review: Lucifer's Warrior (Draculia Vampire Trilogy #3) Colleen Gleason

Lucifer's Warrior
(formerly: The Vampire Narcise)
The Draculia Trilogy
Colleen Gleason

Regency Paranormal Romance

Dark and decadent, sultry and seductive, Colleen Gleason's sexy Draculia series will hold you in its thrall!" -Lara Adrian "Count on Colleen Gleason for a scorching page-turner!" -Jeaniene Frost 

"In a world where every third title seems to be a vampire story, it's a pleasure to come across a series that's as unique as Colleen Gleason's. Fresh, unique, sassy, and fun, Gleason's Draculia trilogy is one of a kind...A must-have addition to the bookshelves of vamp enthusiasts everywhere." -Maggie Shayne 

The Draculia Trilogy: Dark, passionate stories of love and redemption... 
The men and women of the Vampire Dracule are tied to Lucifer for eternity. In exchange, the Dracule are given immortality and power... and a guilt-free life of pleasure, wealth, and freedom. 

No one can touch them. 
No man can control them. 
No mortal can destroy them...unless they find love. 

But Lucifer will not release those who are bound to him without a fight. In a battle of good versus evil, love versus hate, only the strongest souls can win freedom from the devil.

Lucifer's Warrior, The Dracule woman Narcise, has been trained as a warrior, enslaved by her brother Cezar-the most dangerous and evil of all Dracule vampires-to provide entertainment for himself and his cronies. 
When she loses one of her gladiator-type battles, her opponent's prize is the use of her body for the night. It is no wonder Narcise cannot trust a man...even Giordan Cale, the handsome vampire who vows to free her from her brother's captivity. But his promise is followed by a deep, shocking betrayal-destroying her heart and trust forever. 
Yet, Narcise finds a new savior in vampire hunter Chas Woodmore. He wants her, he worships her...he will kill for her. But when a soul is in danger, and the only hope is to risk one's heart or lose freedom forever, can someone like Narcise learn to trust again? And when Cezar is determined to move heaven and earth to destroy the men who love her, who will walk away...and who will be forever damned?


Absolutely great ending to the trilogy!
This book will blow your mind. Not only does it not follow the plot pattern of the previous two books, but it will continuously surprise you jut when you think you've figured it all out!

This is an extremely emotional book, with both highs and lows. I found myself more engrossed with these characters than the previous books.

As with book two, Lucifer's Saint, this book has a recap of the previously laid out storyline. Though Lucifer's Warrior is a bit different, as it starts off sort of as a prequel to the series, then a much shorter recap of the storyline, and again moves forward with a new storyline.

In my opinion Colleen Gleason has created the prefect trilogy; the way she set the books up to interconnect but also give you something new to grasp on to is just pure genius!

Add to that the plot twists, the emotional level she managed to achieve, and the page turning storyline she created within three books is amazing.

I also really enjoyed the appearances of a few characters from the Gardella Vampire Chronicles series, and find it interesting that some also appear in the new book, Roaring Midnight!

It's no secret that Colleen is my favorite author of all time and I highly recommend her work to everyone!

Review: Book 1 - Lucifer's Rogue
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You can find it here:

http://www.amazon.com/Lucifers-Rogue-Vampire-Draculia-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B00MAYJCAI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409537489&sr=8-1&keywords=Lucifer%27s+Rogue http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lucifers-rogue-colleen-gleason/1120020321?ean=2940149662173  
or on Colleen's Website, you'll find links to:
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