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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gwen Reaper review by Elle

Scott Blackstone is your typical all-American high school student—a city boy at heart with an idyllic life to boot. Upon his Grandmother’s death, his parents decide to relocate from Springfield, Illinois to the town of Custer, South Dakota to take over the family business. Here, in a town with a population less than 3,000, Scott is forced to start over. Upon investigating his new town, he spies upon girl…and an alligator. She ran away before he could explain. He unexpectedly found her again, at the very crowded local bakery. Having nowhere else to sit, he asks to sit with her and attempted to engage her into conversation. At her sudden exit, the customer sitting at the next table congratulated Scott for getting “the Webber girl” to talk because she hadn’t done so in ages. Scott definitely decided that Custer was growing more interesting by the minute. 
This was an easy relaxing read and only took a couple of hours to finish. I rather enjoyed that it was a mystery of sorts. Although I liked that it was told from Scott's point of view, I didn't really like all the details of the football games after the first few games but that might make it more interesting for the guys to read. I also didn’t need to know every song that played during every scenario. 
As the story unfolded, I was definitely anxious to hear about Gwen and her secret. What the heck was with the alligator? Why was she so quiet and withdrawn? What did happen in the fatal accident that claimed her father and younger brother’s lives?  
As an avid fan of paranormal series’, I would like to hear more about Gwen’s backstory. Will she ever master her abilities? Will Scott keep quiet about them?  I am quite curious about what is next for Scott and Gwen as a couple. 
Overall it was an enjoyable book that helped to stretch my mind to different possibilities other than vampires, werewolves and witches in the paranormal/fantasy genre.

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