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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review of Morrigna by Elle

A heroine, a love story, an epic battle and a good old-fashioned twist— everything you could ever want in a paranormal novel. The Morrigna is set in the present. Humans are aware of the existence of the supernatural. The main character, Maurin, is an interrogator for Salem's Preternatural Task Force. She aids the force in keeping humans safe. She is a very likeable character who makes mistakes while honing in on her developing power. An ordinary day turns upside down when she attempts to interrogate a suspect who, instead, turns the tables on her and reads her minds, knows her weaknesses…
The secondary characters are interesting and really helped to both round out the story and add comedic relief where needed. I wanted to know more about Maurin's love interest.
Maurin discovers more about the world and her self than she thought was ever possible. She is pulled into a war that she never knew existed and discovers that she just may be the one to bringing it all to an end.

Rachel has created an interesting world full of sexy shifters, powerful witches and arrogant vampires who battle against gods and demons to keep the world safe. Rachel has placed her own spin on popular myths to bring her world to life. The premise for this book is interesting; unfortunately, the writing is a little shaky. Misspellings, misused words, a total absence of commas and entire paragraphs that shift tense abruptly pull you out of the story just when it's getting interesting. I'm not bad mouthing, just giving my insight and maybe this could help the author out, to maybe get a better editor. Really liked the story and am very interested in seeing where it goes. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.

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