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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Review: When Twilight Burns (Gardella Vampire Hunters: Victoria #4) Colleen Gleason

When Twilight Burns
The Gardella Vampire Chronicles
book 4
Colleen Gleason

Historical Paranormal Romance

Original Cover Art
After narrowly escaping from Rome, she returns to London, where not even sunrise can stop a vampire’s carnage…

Ruining Victoria’s homecoming, a vampire stalks the streets of London – during the daylight. Not only is Victoria unable to detect the vampire with her heightened senses, but she’s being framed as the prime suspect behind the killings.

Meanwhile, her heart is still divided between the enigmatic Sebastian Vioget and her fellow slayer Max Pesaro. The battle is made even more difficult by the legacy of a vampire’s touch – a vampire who left in Victoria’s veins boiling blood that forces her to fight evil on two fronts: against the new breed of undead threatening London, and against the darkness within herself.

** Spoiler Alert **
If you have not yet read the previous books in the series, this review will spoil quite a few surprises. You can find links to reviews of the first 3 books at the bottom of this post.

New Cover Art 2014


With each book comes a new evil. In this case the greatest evil has come back for more.

Victoria once again finds herself facing off against Lilith, the Vampire Queen. This time however, it's personal.

With Beauregard's blood still coursing through her veins, Victoria finds herself full of rage and seeing red, literally. Not only is she fighting the change, the return of George Starcasset along with Sara Regalado, and worrying with the appearance of the new Marquess of Rockely, but there are now daytime vampires roaming London and a Bow Street Runner determined to pin the mysterious deaths on her!

As if all of that wasn't enough, Victoria is coming to terms with how her future effects the future of the Venators - and dealing with matters of the heart. Sebastian continues to be smitten with Victoria, and now that his loyalties are no longer torn between his vampire grandfather and his calling for duty, he's a constant companion.
Max finds himself back in London, he's no longer a Venator and no longer feels the thrall of Lilith, but he can't seem to stay away from Victoria, as much as he tries to deny it.

This is probably the most action packed book in the series so far, and with lots of plot twists and surprises to keep you on your toes! Definitely a page turner!

...another 5 stars from Colleen Gleason

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