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Monday, November 3, 2014

Review: Embrace The Night (Envy Chronicles #2) Colleen Gleason

Embrace The Night 
The Envy Chronicles
book 2
Colleen Gleason
(Joss Ware)

Post Apocalyptic
Post Apocalyptic

Simon Japp's violent past will haunt him forever. But when he somehow travels through time to a dark future where civilization is all but destroyed, he sees an opportunity for redemption.

As he becomes familiar with this new, overgrown world of jungle-like cities and overgrown shopping malls, Simon is determined to help the Resistance movement against the immortal Strangers--the repressive, controlling race that has taken over civilization. He can't afford to be distracted, even by the beautiful, soft-spoken woman who haunts his thoughts.

Sage Corrigan is the product of a rigid cult that has militant initiatives to repopulate the world in order to rebuild civilization. She's learned not to trust, but there's something about Simon and his empty, haunted eyes that tug at her heart.

When they must pose as husband and wife to infiltrate the cult, they find that their staged affection is only hiding the real heat boiling beneath the facade....and when Simon must confront his past once again, he must make a decision between what's right...and what his heart desires.



I really enjoyed this book. Again, this surprises me as I'm not usually into post-apocalyptic genres.

For me, this book had a complete storyline to it; We not only see into each of the main characters pasts, but they are each confronted with it in different ways.
Throw in a sort of love triangle to create more tension and possible future scenarios, a wild trip into a crazy cult like settlement and a run in with the mysterious strangers, and you've got yourself another great book! Not to mention the added twist of random powers the men developed after emerging from the cave!

As the characters continue to dig for information, we find out a little more about what happened 50 years ago. 

In this book you can actually get a feel for the characters emotions and find yourself invested in the storyline. I can't stop reading now, because I MUST find out what actually happened 50 years, and how the world will turn out!

Review: Book 1 - Beyond The Night

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