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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Review: The Club by Lauren Rowe

The Club
book 1
Lauren Rowe

Adult, Erotic Romance

When playboy businessman Jonas Faraday receives a private note from the anonymous intake agent assigned to process his online application to an exclusive club, he becomes obsessed with finding her and giving her the satisfaction she claims has always eluded her, in order to fulfill his own desperate need for redemption.
Sarah: “When I read Jonas Faraday’s brutally honest personal message on his application to The Club—I practically climaxed at my desk. I’m an idiot to risk losing my job but I couldn’t resist contacting him. I knew my confession would be like dangling an irresistible carrot in front of his nose—but never in a million years did I think he’d actually hunt me down.”

Jonas: “I was shocked to get my intake agent’s email—I’d attached that note to my application on a whim, never expecting a reply from an actual person, let alone a reply as mind blowing as that. Her message was so alluring, so irresistible, I’ve been spiraling into a full-blown obsession ever since I got it. What’s her name? What does she look like? Finding her is my top priority.”

In The Club, what starts out as an innocent exploration of attraction quickly spirals into a steamy story of unbridled passion, obsession, heartbreak, and, ultimately, redemption.

Readers 18+ only due to graphic sexual content and explicit language.


This storyline has a lot of potential, but there is an overabundance of detail that kills it for me. You could cut out a good third of this book and it would have been much better!

I nearly stopped reading when the first fourth of the book was just about the writing and reading of The Club's application... and then again when halfway through they still hadn't met! I mean come on, that's overkill. If you were to take the first half and eliminate meaningless details, and everything that is repeated over and over this would be a 4 star read.

The second half picks up, and finally in the very end there is some suspense built up.. but not nearly enough to make me read the next book. Maybe some day when I don't have anything else on my list I'll give it another shot...

Warning: This is book one in a trilogy, and it ends in a cliff hanger. 


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