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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Character Interview with Kim Duncan

Coming to us live from the Academy of the Fallen, it's Kim Duncan.
Okay, not really... I mean, who has time for 'live' when the olympics are on?  But it sounded good at the time. ;) Please enjoy this interview with the character from Daniele Lanzarotta's Academy of the Fallen series. (and yes, Kim defintely gets her awesomeness from me)

 If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Kim: It would definitely be my ability to see the things that I can see.

What can you offer the world?
Kim: I’m not sure what I can offer the world, mostly because I haven’t been out in the real world for so long. I do know what I can offer the Academy, and that is protection. Over the years I’ve developed skills to keep ghosts and demons out, skills stronger than anyone else’s.

What’s your strongest opinion on “The Fallen” saving the world?
Kim: I practically grew up around the fallen and sometimes, I still don’t know what to think, but I do know that the fallen ones like Ethan give me hope. Too bad they need many more like him to save the world, and that is something they don’t have.

Do you sing in the shower? If so, what song?

Kim: *laughs* No… music distracts me. It’d be the quickest way to let the wards down. Demons would be inside the Academy in no time.

What’s your greatest talent?
Kim: My greatest talent is my greatest curse: being able to keep demons and ghosts away.

Do you say whats on your mind?
Kim: Not usually. I wish I was more like Kayla in that way.

Are you a peacekeeper?
Kim: I think so. I hate drama and I do what I can do prevent it.

Do you have one special friend? If so, who?
Kim: I’m friends with a lot of the haunted. We have a lot in common, being able to see ghosts, demons, and all, but I’m not sure I’d say any of them stands out as a special friend.

What is your worst fear?
Kim: The thought of spending the rest of my life protecting this place instead of actually living my life.

 What do you want written on your epitath?
Kim: I’d probably go with an inside joke like, ‘Kimberly Duncan - No longer haunted, but thinking about coming to haunt you and see what it feels like to be on the other side of this game.”

Favorite food, if any?
Kim: Mac and Cheese and hot dogs. It reminds me of home, before I was brought to the Academy.

 What tangible object symbolize you, if any?
Kim: Haha. A lock. It fits in well, don’t you think? I mean… considering I keep certain beings out of the Academy.

What would we find in your purse?
Kim: Books!

 What makes you laugh/cry?
Kim: I can’t say that I laugh much. There is nothing to laugh about when your world revolves around hiding and protecting others who are hiding. I’d rather not talk about what makes me cry.

 Do you have a secret?
Kim: Doesn’t everyone?

 You’re doing intense spring cleaning. What is easy for you to throw out? What is difficult for you to part with? Why?
Kim: I’m not the type of person who gets attached to things. I would however, have a hard time letting go of pictures of my mom and dad.

 What would we find in your closet?
Kim: Mostly jeans and shirts. It is pretty boring, but I’ve lived here since I was 8 and everything is provided by the Academy

Kim, Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this!
Kim: It was my pleasure Kim, thank you for lending Daniele your name so that I could continue on my journey into book 3, Sins of the Fallen -which will be released on December 4th!

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