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Monday, August 6, 2012

Interview and Giveaway with author Daniele Lanzarotta

  Alright guys, this week we are featuring Daniele Lanzarotta, author of two great series, Imprinted Souls, and Academy of the Fallen
Also, check back in tomorrow, because we have a special guest interview with one of the characters from Academy of the Fallen, Kim Duncan. I know what your thinking, but isn't that you... YES, yes it is!  ;)

Interview with Daniele

1. What inspired you to write your first book?
Vampires got in my mind and wouldn’t leave until I wrote it *laughs* At the time, I was reading a lot of ya books: House of Night, Twilight, Vampire Academy, and many more.  At one point, I wanted to create and control my own characters and world.  I started writing Imprinted Souls and didn’t look back. 
***Thank you!

2. If you could meet any one person - who would it be?
Just one? I’d love to meet Richelle Mead.  She is one of my favorite authors.

3. Where do you find inspiration for your characters?
My characters are not usually based off anyone I know… it is one of those things that just happen.  Typically, I know that I want a character with certain personality traits, and I just build them from that point on. 

4. Do the characters ever take over and change the course you had originally planned?
Yes, and I love it when that happens.  Imprinted Souls’ Nicholas was the first character to do that.  He was never supposed to have that big of a role, but I’m glad he took over the story the way he did.
*** Me too!

5. Do you need silence to write, or is there music playing in the background?
I can’t write without music.  Music inspires me and gets the writing going.

6. Do you still enjoy writing, or has it become a ‘job’?
I LOVE writing… always will.

7. What is your reaction to bad book reviews?
The very first bad review I received felt awful.  I even contemplated naming one of my vamp’s snacks after the person who left that review. *laughs * Fortunately, most of my reviews are good.  Of course, I occasionally get a bad review.  I read it, tell myself that each person is entitled to their opinion, read a good review, then I just let it go.  
*** They aren't worth snacking on. ;)

8. How did you come up with your character names?
For the older vampires, I search for popular names from the year and country where they were born and then choose a name I like.  For others, they are usually names that I like and my husband doesn’t. Hubby will never approve of those names for possible future kids, so I use them on characters. *laughs *
*** Hey, they're like your kids. It counts.

9. What is your favorite book / series?
My favorite book is actually not out yet and I don’t think I can share the name of the book or author at this point, but it should come out this year and I will be sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.   I can’t choose just one favorite series, but here are my top favorites: Morganville Vamps, Mortal Instruments, Georgina Kincaid, and The Darkest Powers.

10. Best & Worst thing about being an author?
There are so many ‘best’ things.  The top ones are creating new worlds and characters, interacting with readers, hearing readers reactions to your story.
 The worst thing is finding pirated copies of your book out there, and having to take time away from writing to take those down.
*** There is only one good pirate... Johnny Depp. lol

11. Which of your book series do you connect with the most?
I love both, but I believe it is Imprinted Souls.  That was my first book series, and the first of my characters that I fell in love with.  Then there is Nicholas, who I share a lot of personality traits with… yes, sarcasm is the main one.  I just got so attached that at some point I could imagine exactly how the characters felt in each situation.  Writing the last few chapters of that last book was tough.  Thank god for spin-offs. *laughs *
***Yes, THANK YOU for the spin offs. I'm not ready to loose Nick just yet! ;)
12. Does it get easier after the first one?
It does get easier.  You get to know the characters and their personalities and at some point, the story practically writes itself.  It turns into a game of actions and consequences.  You throw something at the character and you know exactly how they would respond.

13. How do you get past writers block?
I choose not to believe in writers block. *laughs *  If I don’t feel like writing a specific scene, I jump to another scene and then go back.  There are things that help me get my mind into writing, and those are usually clearing my head and picturing the story, and listening to music.

14. Does the time of day make a difference when you’re writing?
It does!  I don’t even attempt to write during the day anymore.  It has to be nighttime.
*** That must be your vampire side.

15. Tell me something I don’t know?
I was actually going to write a blog post about this, but here it is:  I watched vamp movies even before I was born *laughs *.  The other day my mom said that for some unknown reason she used to watch a lot of vampire movies while she was pregnant with me.  
*** Thank you Mom. ;)

16. Rain or shine? 
Shine… or snow.  No rain though.

17. Favorite drink?      
Mt. Dew aka my official writing drink *laughs *

18. Inside or outside?     

19. Have you been keeping up with the Olympics?
*hides *  Sadly, I haven’t.  Writing tends to distract me whenever I try to watch TV. *laughs *
*** please continue writing! I'll let you know who wins the gold.
20. Favorite sport?       
I hope you enjoyed the interview. 
Please visit Daniele and thank her!!
Facebook pages: Imprinted Souls, Academy of the Fallen
 Website, Twitter, or Blog

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