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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Author Interview with Daniele Lanzarotta

 Who is your favorite author?
Just one? One of my many favorites is Richelle Mead. 

Me too

You’ve already covered Vampires, Angels, and Mermaids - Are you hiding anymore projects?
*evil grin* Of course! Witches are in the future, among others…

Where did you get the idea for A Mermaid’s Curse?
It kind of just happened. I remember that I was looking for a challenge and I didn’t know anything about mermaids other than what I saw in the Little Mermaid, so I decided to try it out.  The original idea started out as a dark, twisted, and adult version of the little mermaid, but it changed quite a bit from the original plan.

I'm liking your dark twisted side... 

How many books do you see in this series?
There will be three. I already can’t wait to finish the second one.

 Can't wait.

Did the ideas come from personal experience, or straight from your brain?
They pretty much came from my crazy brain.

Did you find it harder to write an Adult book?
I actually found it easier.  I didn’t have to stop to think about whether something was too much for my target audience.  There were no limits.

When will we see Nicholas again? ;)
Very soon!  It will be either toward the end of this year or beginning of next year at the latest. I really miss him!

I'm having withdraws.. 

How do you keep your many characters separate while writing?
They each have their own personality, which makes it easy.

Do the characters from your many books ever meet in your dreams? Maybe there will be a book in the future where all of our favorites meet up…
That would be fun, even though I don’t think Nicholas would get along with Kayla, or with any of the Academy of the Fallen characters for that matter. I actually had a dream about Nicholas once. He was pissed off that I was spending too much time writing Academy of the Fallen. *Laughs* Lately, I seem to have a lot of dreams about Mermaid’s Curse.  I love it. ;)

I think I'd sleep more if he visited. 

Pen & paper or Computer?
Computer.  I can’t understand my own handwriting.

How do you stay sane?
Who knows? *Laughs*

Which of your series is your favorite? (Even better, who’s your favorite character?)
Just so you know, I’m not a fan of this question. *Laughs* It’s a tie between Nicholas and Blake.

I know, because you love them all - but I had to ask. ;)

Favorite movie? TV Show? Color? Snack?
Hunger Games/Suits/Black/Does chocolate count as a snack?


Have you ever considered writing a historical romance?
That would be a hell of a challenge.  I’m not a big fan of historical novels. :/

If done right, they are my favorite - but lots of work and research! lol It's definitely not one of those things that just come to you! 

Are you constantly thinking - hmm… that would be a great scenario… ?

Is there anything you’d like to go back and change in any of your books?
Yes… I guess with Academy of the Fallen, I went too far with making Kayla sound like a spoiled brat in the beginning. *Laughs* She grows a lot throughout the series, but if I could go back, I would add a scene from her childhood right at the beginning, to explain why she hides behind this wall. That is actually something that I added to the screenplay.  
Yeah, she wasn't my favorite character at first, but I like her now. 

Have you always enjoyed reading and writing?

Do you prefer e-books or print?
I like both the same.  I like having my favorites in print, but I read faster on ebooks because of the convenience factor.
Me too. Though lately it's been audio books so I can still work on my purses.

What is your favorite quote?
“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and then throw it in the face of the person who gave you the lemons until they give you the oranges you originally asked for.”
― Cassandra Clare

Do you prefer the movie or the book?
I enjoy both the same.  I even like when the movie changes things a bit… I like to be surprised.

What question do you wish someone would ask, but has never come up in an interview?
I guess no one ever asked me why Nicholas is my favorite. *Laughs*

And your answer to that question….
We are both sarcastic and in a way, we share the same thoughts on several things, well… except for thoughts on food, of course. 

Thank You!  

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