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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Review: A Blaze of Sun (A Shade of Vampire #5) by Bella Forrest

A Blaze of Sun
A Shade of Vampire
book 5
Bella Forrest

YA/NA Paranormal Romance

Welcome back to The Shade...

"Of course you know who I am. I'm a daughter of the darkness just as surely as you are his son..."

Ever since his brief encounter with Emilia at The Shade, Derek's thoughts and dreams have been haunted with images of the mysterious, beautiful brunette. Plagued with guilt, he struggles to understand why he is so drawn to this dark stranger from his past.

When Emilia suddenly appears again on the island, Derek is both terrified and intrigued. But this time, he is determined to involve Sofia and discover who this woman is.

If only Derek and Sofia knew, Emilia is a mystery that should be left undiscovered...


Book 5 was better than book 4, but still not on the same level as the first three.
** spoiler alert **

 We finally get some answers in this one though. A few of the who, what, when, and where's are discovered and some of the characters stories make a little more sense now.
There are a few twists and surprises but nothing you didn't see coming a few pages before the reveal.

For a couple in love and engaged to be married they don't spend very much time together. It seems like they were only around each other in the first couple of books and since then they are separated for one reason or another. Even once they are back under the same roof they still sleep in different rooms... who does that? They finally find time to be together and they argue... I mean, really? You don't get the feeling that they love each other anymore.

I also don't get how people's mind sets can change so quickly... you've hated these people for decades and yet over the course of a week you have a change of heart? I think not.

I'm intrigued with how the story will unfold now that a cure is in the works... on to the next book. 

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